Learning how to die.

I’ve been reading about the trinity and the Holy Spirt lately.  The Holy Spirit can be experienced as the vague unknown person of the trinity. In my church background, there wasn’t a lot of talk about the Holy Spirit. As a child, I heard and acknowledged the God-in-three-persons theology of the trinity, but the person […]

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Seeing all of you.

We all have pet peeve sins that get under our skin and make us itch. Jon, my husband, and I have different pet peeve sins – something we’ve known about each other for a while. I hate arrogance and dishonesty in all forms, and I have little tolerance for know-it-all behavior. Jon hates self-absorption and

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Whatever is true.

I want to be filled with truth. It is easy to become numb to the unhealthy sexuality, violence, and evil in this world. A few blocks from where I live is a store that sells cheap lingerie and sex toys. I’ve never walked inside, but the window display shows half-naked manikins dressed up in lingerie.

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Letting go of judgement.

Who can say that they care very little if they are judged by others? Who doesn’t self critique their interactions and judge themselves? The apostle Paul says that he cares very little if he is judged, and does not even judge himself (1 Corinthians 4:3). Isn’t that shocking? I judge myself and others all the

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“Rising” my voice.

I have loved the idea of being an advocate ever since I understood the meaning of the word. The thought of supporting those that cannot support themselves, creating practical and positive change, and shining light on issues that people are blind to inspires and motivates me. But advocacy can also seem vague, uncertain, and tiresome.

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Challenge your perspective.

I love growing in intimacy with others. I love learning about the people in my life and discovering all their quirks, dreams, and desires. One of the most beautiful and unexpected things about intimacy is that it allows individuals to see with entirely different eyes. Everyone is wired differently, and intimacy with someone incredibly different

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A prayer of remembrance.

I recently wrote a prayer to the Lord. For the past few months, I have been listening to a podcast called The Glorious in the Mundane by Christy Nockels. On episode 21, she read a prayer she had written to the Lord. Her prayer moved and inspired me to write a prayer to the Lord

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