He carries my burdens.

Narcolepsy is a burden just like my old maiden name was for so long. I have been married for almost two and a half years, and I just changed my last name from Burden (my maiden name) to Anderson (my married name). I majorly procrastinated on the arduous task of changing my name. I am

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Money, holidays, and stress.

“It’s the holiday season so hoop-de-do and hickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock! ‘Cause just exactly at 12 o’clock, he’ll be coming down the chimney, down!” Those lyrics by Andy Williams “Happy Holiday” song have been stuck in my head this Christmas season. I love the song. It’s super catchy, upbeat,

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I care.

I like to write, but the pressure gets to me. I struggle with wanting to write for myself and for others. In the past, I have pretty much just written for myself, which I think is more comfortable for me. I want to get my thoughts out of my head, so I write them on

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Crying Abba Father.

Suffering and hope. Life and peace through the Spirit. Calling out Abba Father. No condemnation. Romans 8 is full of goodness. I was 15 when Romans 8 first captured and broke my hardened heart. It is now 10 years later, and the Lord is still using that chapter to call me home to Him. I’m

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Learning the path to love.

Humility. What a word. What a strange and rare and beautiful thing. The Lord started putting the word humility on my heart this past Sunday morning. I have been reading A Loving Life by Paul Miller slowly for the past few months. This Sunday morning, I decided I’d better continue on my journey in the

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I have a disability.

When I am honest with myself and slow down, I realize that I have a disability. Narcolepsy, jaw pain, and Raynaud’s disease limit my ability to cope with life everyday. Without medication, I cannot drive. With medication, I still have to be very careful and aware of my narcolepsy symptoms. Going on long car rides

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A truly blessed man.

Up until the fall of 2017, all four of my grandparents were alive. It is now the winter of 2019, and both of my dad’s parents are no longer with us. Last Saturday was the memorial service for my granddad, and today I spent the majority of the day with my mom’s mom. I call

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